Video: Daily videos from first JFC Peace Monitor delegation

In April 2018 the first JFC Peace Monitor Delegation travelled to Colombia. MPs Rosalie Winterton (Labour) and Mickey Brady (Sinn Fein), Lord Dave Watts (Labour), Sharan Burrow (General Secretary of the ITUC), Christine Blower (Ex-General Secretary of the NEU), Peter Nolan (Forsa), Kate Osborne (Unite), and Gemma Swart (ITUC) spent one week meeting with the Colombian government, the FARC, Members of Congress, trade unions and civil society to hear the latest on the situation for peace and human rights in Colombia.

Here below are a series of daily videos summarising the days’ activities:

Day #1 w/ Peter Nolan (Forsa)

Day #2 w/ Christine Blower (NEU)

Day #3 w/ Mickey Brady MP (Sinn Fein)

Day #4 w/ Kate Osborne (Unite the Union)

Day #6 w/ Rosalie Winterton MP (Labour Party)