UN congratulates Colombia on second anniversary of peace deal

On 23 November, the eve of the second anniversary of the signing of the peace agreement, the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres sent the following message to the people of Colombia.

The Secretary-General congratulates the people of Colombia on the second anniversary of the signing of the Final Peace Agreement, a watershed for the country and an inspiration for all those striving to end deadly conflict around the world through negotiations.

After more than five decades of fighting, insurgents have set aside violence for politics; elections have been the most peaceful in decades; innovative institutions of transitional justice are up and running, and plans have been crafted through broad participation to extend development to remote, conflict-affected regions.

Hard work remains to be done to consolidate these early gains of peace. The Secretary-General is convinced that this goal can be achieved through a concerted effort involving the Government and state institutions, political parties, the private sector and civil society, with the accompaniment of the international community.

As Colombians persevere with all necessary efforts to make peace sustainable, they can count on the strong support of the United Nations.