Two killed, two injured, in attack on members of miners cooperative in Cauca

Unidentified attackers used firearms and a fragmentation grenade to kill two members of a miners’ cooperative and injure two others at around 6.30pm on 23 January 2018. The attack took place on the road connecting Santander Quilichao, department of Cauca, and Timba, department of Valle del Cauca.

The two dead men were named as Fares Carabalí and Diego Fernando Castillo, African-Colombian members of the Cooperative of Miners in Buenos Aires (Cauca). Their colleagues, Álvaro Arara Rodallega and Carlos Mina, were being treated in hospital for serious injuries.

In addition to being manager of the Cooperative of Miners, Fares Carabalí was the brother of Buenos Aires mayor, Urdely Carabalí.