Three FARC members murdered in southern Colombia

Three members of the FARC and the young male relative of one of them were abducted and killed on Wednesday 31 January in La Florida, department of Nariño, southern Colombia.

A FARC statement attributed the killings to guerrilla organisation the National Liberation Army (ELN), which has been blamed for a series of recent attacks across the country following the breakdown of bilateral peace negotiations it was conducting with the Colombian government in Quito, Ecuador.

Previously, the FARC had urged the government and ELN to establish a new ceasefire after the existing one expired in mid-January. So far, there has been little sign that the two sides are close to reopening dialogue.

40 members of the FARC and 14 close family members have been murdered since the Havana peace agreement was signed in November 2016.

Source: Telesur English