Solidarity message from JFC to ASCAMCAT

This is a message of solidarity from JFC to our comrades in the Peasant Farmer Association of Catatumbo (ASCAMCAT). JFC and ASCAMCAT have worked closely for several years to support human rights and citizen organisation in the Catatumbo region. On 4 and 5 August, the members of ASCAMCAT will gathe for the Third Regional Popular Audience (congress), where they will determine the organisation’s policies over the next four years.

Justice for Colombia, the British and Irish organisation supported by the trade union movements with more than 7 million affiliated workers and by more than 80 British parliamentarians and Lords, sends greetings to the members of ASCAMCAT who are participating in the Third Regional Popular Audience (congress) on 3 and 4 August 2018. We offer our solidarity and support to the farmers of Catatumbo to achieve their objectives of generating dignified and fair conditions.

We reject the massacre of nine people, among them the ASCAMCAT member Frederman Quintero, committed in Tarra on 30 July and offer our condolences to ASCAMCAT. We join the call for an investigation and clarification of the facts. We also condemn the serious attack on 15 July against comrade Olger Pérez of ASCAMCAT, the assassination of leader Álvaro Perez on April 4 and all other attacks and persecutions of ASCAMCAT leaders and social leaders in Colombia.

JFC has had a relationship with ASCAMCAT for several years and our affiliates closely follow the organisation’s work in defence of community rights. In July 2013, JFC accompanied the strike in Tibu with a visit by union leaders and parliamentarians from several countries. In 2014, JFC received visits to the United Kingdom and Ireland from leaders of ASCAMCAT and other leaders of the agricultural strike to publicise the facts and denounce the murders and legal persecution that occurred during and after the strike.

On behalf of all JFC affiliates, we express our solidarity and admiration for your work and congratulate you for your tireless struggle.

A fraternal hug, we wish you many successes in your congress and you can count on our solidarity.