Social activist Yissela Trujillo and husband murdered in Caquetá

Yet another social activist was murdered in Colombia on Saturday, the day after mass demonstrations were held around the world to demand protection for human rights defenders and community leaders in Colombia.

Yissela Trujillo and her husband were shot dead by unidentified assailants while walking in the town centre of Puerto Rico, department of

Yisella and her family had previously reported threats made against her. She represented victims of forced displacement and was formally recognised as a conflict victim.

‘We are in the investigation process, which we hope with the accompaniment of all institutions to clarify this terrible incident which we reject and repudiate’, said the mayor of Puerto Rico, Hernán Bravo.

More than 500 social activists and almost 140 FARC members have been murdered since the peace agreement was signed in November 2016. The United Nations has repeatedly expressed concern at the human rights crisis and called for full implementation of the peace agreement as the most effective means of improving security.