Second social leader opposed to dam construction murdered in one week

A social leader was killed in Puerto Valdivia yesterday, the second such killing in the tow in Antioquia in a week. On Tuesday 8 May, Luis Alberto Torres Montoya, a local fisherman and community organiser, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds. His murder follows that of Hugo Albeiro, who was killed along with his nephew on Wednesday 2 May.  In both incidents, the attackers have not been apprehended.

Luis was married and had three children. He belonged to the Puerto Valdivia Small Miners and Fisheries Association. As with Hugo Albeiro, Luis was involved in mobilisations against the Hidroituango dam project which is under construction in the area. Local organisations say the dam has ruined farmland, reduced water levels and destabilised earth that could lead to landslides.

The Movimiento Rios Vivos organisation called on authorities to provide security for environmental and human rights defenders. It also said the regional government of Antioquia was the main investor in the mega-project but was failing to fulfil agreements with local communities.