National Education Union statement on arrest of Jesus Santrich in Colombia

The National Education Union (NEU) is concerned by the possible implications of the arrest of Jesus Santrich in Colombia on 9 April 2018.

Santrich, presently a Congress member-elect from the People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force party, was a key figure in the peace negotiations between FARC and the Colombian Government in 2016. A recent peace monitoring delegation from the UK, organised by Justice for Colombia, confirmed that Santrich and other members of the FARC exhibit ‘an absolute and unreserved commitment to the peace process’.

The Union urges the Colombian Government, as well as relevant national and international authorities, to observe fully the terms of the peace agreement and respect Santrich’s democratic and human rights throughout the legal process. The case against Santrich must not undermine the progress made towards implementing the peace agreement in Colombia.

The NEU reiterates its commitment to supporting the Colombian people as they seek a peaceful and united future.

(Download the full statement here)