Murder of FARC member means 134 killed since peace signed

Another FARC former guerrilla was murdered yesterday, taking the number of the party’s members killed to at least 134 since the peace agreement was signed in November 2016. Servio Delio Cuasaluzan Guanga was shot dead in Ricaurte in the southern region of Nariño, one of the most dangerous parts of the country for former guerrillas and social activists.

‘Today, Servio Delio Cuasaluzan Guanga, a member of the FARC party in the process of reincorporation, was murdered in the municipality of Ricaurte, in the department of Nariño. The systematisation and the lack of guarantees for the signatories of peace are evident’, tweeted FARC senator Pablo Catatumbo.

In addition to the 134 murdered former guerrillas, 34 close family members have also been killed.

Servio’s murder comes just a week after the FARC called for emergency measures and urged the international community to act following the murders of three of its members in five days.

In a statement, the FARC said ‘[w]hile expressing our indignation at the passivity of the national government regarding the systematic wave of deaths of sons and daughters of the Colombian people, we call on all our compatriots, their political and social organisations and the international community to demand immediate and effective measures from President Duque which are capable of putting a definitive end to this bloodshed’.

Earlier this month, the United Nations called on the Colombian government of President Iván Duque ‘to stop inciting violence against the demobilised FARC-EP and to comply with the guarantees given to them during the negotiations in Havana, especially respect for the right to life’.