Latest victim is 138th FARC member killed since peace signed in Nov 2016

Another FARC member was murdered on Tuesday 16 July, the 138th former guerrilla in the reincorporation process killed since the peace agreement was signed a little over two and half years ago.

23-year-old Leandro Chavarría was killed as he left a disco in Ituango, department of Antioquia. The unidentified assailants fled the scene after shooting him multiple times.

Leandro was based at the transitional zone Santa Lucía, one of 24 territorial spaces around the country where FARC members are developing productive projects and undergoing training as they prepare for civilian life.

Last month, the FARC political party called for emergency measures and an international response to the violence being inflicted upon former guerrillas. It came days after the United Nations told Colombia’s government to ‘stop inciting violence‘ against the FARC.

In addition to 138 FARC members, more than 500 social activists have been killed since the peace agreement was signed in November 2016.