JFC is Hiring – Co-Director (Campaigns and Advocacy)

Justice for Colombia is seeking a Co-Director (Campaigns and Advocacy) to work alongside a second Co-Director (Operations).

Together the Co-Directors will have responsibility for the overall management and leadership of JFC ensuring sound governance, the development of strategy and the implementation of activities focused on achieving JFC’s strategic objectives.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone to play a key role in developing the work of Justice for Colombia.

Job Title:              Co-Director (Campaigns and Advocacy)

Location:             London

Hours:                  3 or 4 days

Purpose of the Role:

Working alongside the Co-Director (Operations) and the JFC Governing Committee, the Co-Director (Campaigns and Advocacy) will have strategic oversight of the organisation’s campaigning and advocacy work. As a small organisation, the Co-Directors will both be involved in the day-to-day management and implementation of activities in support of the organisation’s agreed aims.

The specific responsibilities of Co-Director (Campaigns and Advocacy) include line management of staff, work-plan development and oversight, liaising with Colombian partners, and building and mobilising the Justice for Colombia supporter networks in the trade union movement and across the British and Irish parliaments as well as the European Union.

Job Description:

The position will include tasks shared between the Co-Directors and tasks specifically assigned to the role.

Shared Responsibilities

  • Develop JFC organisational strategy together with JFC Governing Committee.
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of annual work priorities.
  • Regular liaising with and reporting to the JFC Governing Committee.
  • Maintain regular contact and relations with Colombian partners.
  • Maintain regular contact with trade union contacts and supporters in Britain and Ireland.
  • Oversee JFC public communications including JFC statements, campaign materials and advocacy actions.
  • Undertake public facing activities in representation of JFC.
  • Oversee and manage high profile visitors and delegations from Colombia.
  • Delegation oversight and management and follow-up reports.
  • Line management of JFC staff.

Specific Responsibilities for Co-Director (Campaigns and Advocacy)

  • Manage the development and delivery of annual campaign and advocacy plans in line with JFC’s political and strategic priorities.
  • Oversee campaign and advocacy activities with parliamentarians and trade union supporters and institutional contacts.
  • Identify opportunities for developing new campaign and advocacy relationships with parliamentarians and trade unionists in Britain, Ireland and the European Union.
  • Maintain and build advocacy and campaign focused relationships with Colombian organisations, congressional, government and institutional contacts.
  • Manage at least two staff members.

For further details, person spec and information on how to apply see the Job Description below.