JFC press archive

Here is a collection of media articles that have featured Justice for Colombia.

Colombia: paramilitary testifies about state role in massacres (Morning Star, 20 May 2023)

A new chapter for Colombia? (New Internationalist, 28 June 2022)

The Historic Pact’s historic victory opens a new era for Colombia (Morning Star, 20 June 2022)

POA Conference 2022: Trade unionists in Colombia under threat (Morning Star, 18 May 2022)

Could the left take power in Colombia? (New Internationalist, 29 March 2022)

Colombia deserves free, fair and peaceful elections (The Times, 15 February 2022)

Colombia’s coming elections are vital for a peace process in disarray (Morning Star, 3 December 2021)

Colombia peace court orders urgent measures to tackle killings of Farc former combatants (The Morning Star, 30 August 2021)

Colombia: continuing violence amid a legacy of impunity (Labour Hub, 27 August 2021 – reprinted in Alborada, 29 August 2021)

Revealed: UK military unit in Colombia ‘assisted’ police force that killed 63 protesters (Declassified UK, 22 July 2021 – reprinted in Progressive International, 1 September 2021)

Human rights report condemns state violence against protesters in Colombia (Morning Star, 13 July 2021)

Revealed: Secretive British anti-crime agency spent millions training Colombia’s repressive police (Declassifed UK, 11 June 2021)

Colombia’s Ruling Class Is Getting Desperate (Jacobin, 24 May 2021)

The Fight for a New Colombia (Tribune, 23 May 2021)

UK Parliament expresses concerns about the peace process in Colombia (Telesur, 23 April 2021)

Deadly drugs violence in Colombia linked to trade on Scotland’s streets (Daily Record, 8 June 2020)

‘We call on the Colombian government to take urgent measures to tackle violence against teachers’ (Morning Star, 19 February 2020)

Obstacles to the peace process in Colombia (Morning Star, 7 February 2020)

The Colombian state’s ‘murder quotas’ (Morning Star, 4 July 2019)

Colombia: a bogus peace process? (Morning Star, 28 February 2019)

Women’s Hour (BBC Radio 4, 3 October 2016)