Independent media outlets named in threatening pamphlets

A number of independent media outlets were named in threatening pamphlets distributed in Bogota and signed by a group purporting to be the Black Eagles, an apparent paramilitary organisation behind many such attempts to intimidate politicians, activists, journalists and others in Colombia.

Among the media outlets named were Contagio Radio and Prensa Rural, both of which have covered recent JFC delegations to Colombia. Journalist Guillermo Rico Reyes was also named.

The pamphlet also threatened several opposition politicians, including the senators Iván Cepeda, Gustavo Petro, Gustavo Bolívar and Antonio Sanguino, as well as several high-profile human rights defenders.

Colombia’s Foundation for Press Liberty (FLIP) has warned of an increase in attacks on journalists in Colombia over their work. In August, soldiers reportedly killed indigenous journalist Abelardo Lis as he covered protests in Cauca. A number of other journalists have suffered acts of violence at the hands of security forces and unidentified assailants.