Four political murders committed in 24 hours

Three social leaders, as well as a 19-year-old FARC member, were murdered in one 24-hour spell over the weekend. Carlos Jimmy Prado Gallardo, Julio César Montalvo and Orlando Negre were the latest social leaders to die in the wave of violence that has escalated against community activists, human rights defenders and those working to implement the peace process since the peace agreement was signed in November 2016.

Carlos Jimmy Prado Gallardo was an African-Colombian community organiser and a national delegate for African-descendant groups in the department of Nariño. He was killed in the municipality of Satinga. He was last seen alive at a community meeting on 1 June.

Orlando Negre was president of the Community Actin Council in Camu, in the department of Córdoba, where he was killed. Indigenous community leader Julio César Montalvo was killed in the same region, where he worked in the Zenú reserve and was the brother of a indigenous governor.

The murdered FARC member was Frady Estiven Chica, who was killed in Antioquia while participating in the demobilisation and reincorporation process.

In total, seven social leaders and community representatives were murdered in the past week. At least 60 people have been murdered so far in 2018.