FARC member murdered brings total to 90

A member of the FARC political party was killed on Sunday 10 March in Esmeralda Alta in the department of Tolima. Oneider González Guilombo was a former combatant who, like thousands of other FARC members, was taking part in the reincorpation process following the signing of the 2016 peace agreement which saw the FARC reform as a political party.

His death takes the number of FARC members murdered in that time to around 90. Reports said that he was riding home on a motorbike with his wife when they were stopped by armed men and forced them off their vehicle. The attackers insulted them and then shot Osneider in front of his wife.

‘We have been demanding forceful actions from the authorities, but the investigations have not advanced. We need more facts than meetings. There must be actions to guarantee the safety and life of former guerrillas that are part of the [reincorporation] process’, said FARC member Gustavo Bocanegra.

The FARC announced a march in the zone for Friday to protest ongoing violence against party members.