FARC member murdered in Chocó

On Saturday 23 June, the former FARC combatant Adrián Pérez Vargas, who like other FARC members was participating in a process of reincorporation to civil society, was murdered in Riosucio, department of Chocó. According to reports, he was killed by paramilitary group ‘El Muelas’ which is active in the region. Paramilitaries have been targeting FARC members to prevent their reincorporation and political participation, both of which are key elements of the 2016 peace agreement.

Adrián had been working as a farmer following the FARC’s demobilisation. Local communities have warned authorities about the threat to former guerrillas and social leaders but say that little has been done to address the insecurity in the region.

According to the FARC political party’s human rights commission, 63 former FARC combatants have been murdered since the peace agreement was signed.