FARC member murdered in Cauca

A former combatant of the FARC was shot dead in Argelia, department of Cauca.


According to witnesses, Emar Botina Tello, 28 years old, was walking home when at least two people shot him from a moving vehicle. His younger brother was injured in the attack.

In September, another FARC former combatant, Wilmer Gerardo Meneses Hoyos, was killed in the same area.


The murder of Emar comes just days after the FARC’s National Political Council released a statement denouncing the detection of plans to assassinate its members. The statement followed a recent attack in Medellin on party official Erika Montero.

The FARC said that at least 80 of its members and their close relatives have been murdered since the peace agreement was signed in November 2016. The party called on the government to guarantee security for FARC members as they transition to civil society.