FARC member murdered close to reincorporation camp in Arauca

On 7 May 2018, the demobilised FARC member and former political prisoner Juan Vicente Carvajal Isidro was murdered in the eastern department of Arauca. The attack occurred just four kilometres from the Transition and Reincorporation camp Martin Villa, one of the specially-created zones where FARC members are based during the implementation of the peace agreement.

According to the FARC, Juan Vicente is the 19th former prisoner killed since the agreement was signed in November 2016. In a statement, the FARC said that, as a result of attacks on the party and its members, the Colombian government needed to take drastic action against paramilitaries and criminal groups operating close to the FARC zones. It also criticised what it said are government failures to provide physical and legal security for ex-combatants.

The FARC also called on social movements and the international community to mobilise ‘in support of peace and the defence of democracy in Colombia’.