FARC former guerrilla and friend murdered in southern Colombia

Another FARC member was murdered on Wednesday 23 October, the latest act of violence against former guerrillas in the reincorporation process. Dago Hernán Galíndez Chicangana was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds alongside his friend Eduar Andrey Baos Imbachí in the Patia zone of Cauca, southern Colombia. Both victims were 36 years old.

Witnesses said that armed men who committed the attack subsequently prevented community members from reaching the victims to try and save them.

FARC congress member Carlos Antonio Lozada said ‘Our comrade, Dago Hernán, who we knew as Eduard, who accompanied me for several years was murdered in Patia, south of Cauca. Peace be on his grave. President Iván Duque, you are killing the peace before your eyes yet you say nothing.’

The United Nations has repeatedly expressed alarm over the high levels of violence former guerrillas are facing, with at least 151 murdered since the peace agreement was signed in November 2016. In addition, more than 500 social activists have been killed during the same period.