Community leader Eladio Posso murdered in Antioquia

On 31 October, Eladio de Jesús Posso Espinosas was murdered in the village of El Triunfo, in the Baco Cauca region of Antioquia. Eladio was the treasurer of the local Community Action Council and coordinated voluntary crop substitution programmes, one of the core elements of the 2016 peace agreement.

According to Óscar Yesid Zapata of the Colombian NGO Sumapaz, 29 human rights defenders have been murdered in Antioquia in 2018, with 11 of the killings occurring in Bajo Cauca, making it one of the most dangerous regions in the country.

Another 122 social leaders in Antioquia have reported threats against them to the Colombian authorities.

More than 400 Colombian social leaders have been murdered since 2016.