Carlos Lozano: Friend and compañero

Justice for Colombia deeply regrets the passing of Carlos Lozano, our colleague and friend, and expresses condolences and solidarity to his family and colleagues.

We had the privilege of working with Carlos for many years, and got to know his tireless commitment to defend independent journalism and his struggle for a negotiated peace process. We were able to see firsthand his work in the Voz newspaper and host several visits he made to England, Ireland and Brussels, working to build support for a peace process and raising awareness about the Colombian reality with the international community.

His analysis, his commitment and his kindness were known and appreciated by many union leaders and European politicians.

His commitment to peace, reconciliation, and the fundamental rights of the Colombian people is an example to all of us who struggle for a better world.

We are grateful to have been able to know Carlos, to have been able to work with him, learn from him, and have had him as a friend, supportive and generous.

In these difficult moments of the implementation of the peace agreement, the death of Carlos is a great loss, but his legacy will last and serve as an example to many.