139th FARC member murdered since peace signed in Nov 2016

Another FARC member was murdered on Wednesday, taking the number of former guerrillas murdered to 139 since the peace agreement was signed in November 2016. Carlos Alberto Montaño Mosquera was working in his welding workshop when a motorcyclist opened fire and killed him in the El Rodeo neighbourhood of Cali, Colombia’s third-largest city.

A FARC spokesperson said that Carlos Alberto had previously survived an assassination attempt. ‘He had already been the victim of another attack and was in the process of recovery. It all happened when someone came on a motorcycle, called him to the garden and shot him six times’, said Santiago Cepeda, who represents the FARC in the Valle del Cauca region.

Carlos Alberto had been released from prison under the terms of the peace agreement and was working independently of the productive projects established by FARC members who are transitioning to civilian life.

In June, the FARC called for emergency action and an international response to counter the violence being inflicted upon former guerrillas. It came shortly after the United Nations told the Colombian government to ‘stop inciting violence‘ against the FARC.