Colombian Organisations

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Patriotic March (S)

Social and political movement grouping together more than 2,000 organisations from across Colombia.


Colombia’s largest trade union federation. Founded in 1986 it represents close to 500,000 workers in 700 trade unions.


A lawyers’ collective which is one of Colombia’s most significant human rights organisations.


Trade union for agricultural workers and small-scale land owners.


The Colombian teachers trade union federation.


Leading Colombian human rights organisation working closely with the trade union movement.


The National Movement for the Victims of State Crimes.


The Colombian oil workers’ union.


The Interchurch Justice and Peace commission is a faith based human rights.


The National Association of Peasant Farmer Reserve Zones.

Congreso de los Pueblos (S)

Social movement grouping together a significant number of social organisations.


The Indigenous Regional Council of Cauca is the largest regional indigenous organisation in Colombia.

Somos Defensores (S)

Human rights observatory which monitors the violence committed against human rights defenders.


The National Trade Union School monitors trade union violence and trade unionism in Colombia.


The Committee for Solidarity with Political Prisoners.

Fundación Lazos de Dignidad (S)

Accompanies and defend the rights of political prisoners in Colombia.


Health workers and public services union.

Colombian News

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Prensa Rural (E/S)

Founded in 20003 PrensaRural is an alternative news agency run by the social organisations themselves and reporting direct from rural Colombia.

Colombia Informa (S)

A news agency giving voice to communities in regions across Colombia.

Pacifista! (S)

Founded by Vice with a focus on issues relating to peace.

UN Mission in Colombia (E)

The UN mission to monitor and verify the implementation of the peace deal.

Colombia Reports (E)

English news website reporting from Colombia.

Semana (S)

Mainstream website and weekly magazine.

El Espectador (S)

One of the principal daily newspapers in Colombia.

El Tiempo (S)

Daily newspaper owned by the family of President Santos.

Voz (S)

Weekly nationwide newspaper offering the only alternative to mainstream printed press.

Verdad Abierta (S)

Website providing analysis of the armed violence in Colombia.

Colombian Government

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Presidential Council for Human Rights (S)

Government agency focused on designing and coordinating human rights policies.

National Protection Unit (S)

Government agency responsible for providing protection measures.