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Projects in Colombia

Projects enable support to arrive directly to Colombian organisations on the front line in the struggle for peace and social justice. JFC coordinates projects between Colombian organisations and supporters in Britain, Ireland and the US.

Here are our current projects…

Human Rights for Rural Workers

Unite the Union is providing support to strengthen the human rights activities of the Colombian agricultural union FENSUAGRO.


Free Press

JFC supports efforts to create a more open and balanced press in Colombia. This project provides funds for the Colombian opposition newspaper Voz which is committed to covering trade union related news as well as reporting from regions neglected by mainstream media.

Organising Oil Workers

Unite, the United Steelworkers and UNISON provide funds for the USO oil workers’ union. The project supports the union in its efforts to organise workers in the Rubiales oilfield in Eastern Colombia.



Past Projects

Lawyers for Trade Union Victims

The Irish unions Impact and PSEU provided funds for the lawyers collective CPDH in its work to enable falsely accused trade unionists to access the transitional justice system to have their cases reviewed. The project is a continuation of one previously supported by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions together with Mandate and PSEU to enable CPDH to provide legal cover to trade unionists falsely accused of illegal activity.

Humanitarian Aid for Political Prisoners

JFC sends donations to prisoners and to Colombian unions and human rights organisations so that political prisoners are provided with basic products whilst they are in jail.