Threats Against Victims in Valle

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 9 June 2011

Julio Cesar Rosero, the lawyer for the widow of Edinson Yimel Villanueva, who was killed by Colombian army troops in 2007 has reported threats being made against him. The threats are also directed at Jenny Torres, the widow of the assassinated man, who is a member of the MOVICE national victims’ movement.

The first threat, received on June 2nd read “Son of a whore you’re going to die for informing on the heroes of the fatherland, say hi to ‘la negra’ [Ms Torres] son of a bitch guerrillas.” Further threats were sent by email on June 7th which declared Mr Rosero to be a “military target” for defending trade unionists and “other bandits.”

Mr Rosero is representing Ms Torres in the case against 8 officers and men of an elite GAULA unit of the Colombian Army’s 3rd Brigade stationed in Cali. The soldiers are accused of having killed Mr Villanueva alongside 3 other men in January 2007, before presenting the victims as guerrillas killed in combat. The crime forms part of the ‘false positives’ scandal which saw troops kill civilians in order to reap financial and other bonuses.

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