Democratic Pole Reports Threats

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The President of the opposition Democratic Pole party has written to the Colombian Minister of Interior to report “serious and recurring” acts of intimidation and violence against several leaders of the party.

Among these acts were direct threats to the President of the Democratic Pole, Clara Lopez Obregon, that were delivered by telephone on May 16th by a man claiming to represent the “Black Eagles” and “Third Force” paramilitary groups.

In her letter Clara Lopez also reported threats made against several Polo candidates in municipalities across the country, including those made against the former political prisoner Martin Sandoval, released after a JFC campaign.

The threatened candidates are not seeking election in areas the Ministry of Interior calls “at risk municipalities” showing that the Ministry’s categorisation is inadequate. In the letter Clara Lopez calls upon the Minister of Interior and Justice, German Vargas Llera, to guarantee the security of all electoral candidates and also brings to his attention the attacks against the San Jose Peace Community, where Jhon Kennedy Higuita Ramirez was recently assassinated by paramilitaries.

Clara Lopez

Clara Lopez

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