Peasant Leader Assassinated in Antioquia

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Andres Alvarez Orozco

Andres Alvarez Orozco

On the afternoon of April 7th 2011 peasant farmer Andres Alvarez Orozco was kidnapped and murdered by unidentified men. Mr Alvarez was the Vice-President of a local neighbourhood association. 17 local community leaders have been killed under the Santos administration so far.

Three hooded men, arrived at Mr Alvarez’ house on the afternoon of the 7th, and then proceeded to threaten his mother-in-law and forced her to wait with them until Mr Alvarez arrived with his wife and children.

The men then seized their mobile phones and once they had done so, they tied Andres Alvarez to a horse and took him away. The men later returned, without the peasant leader, and stole four mules from the family. Once they had left, the family set out to search for him. They found his body the following morning in a field two kilometres from their home.

The President of the neighbourhood association, accompanied by the local Mayor contacted the authorities and reported the crime and the location of the body, requesting that they come and pick up the body. The authorities refused, insisting that the local residents move the body, which caused disagreement as it would jeopardize the possibilities of a full investigation into the murder. The result was that the body was left in the field for 48 hours, with his family guarding the body to prevent it being disturbed by animals.

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