International Women’s Day Message from Political Prisoners

Justice For Colombia News | on: Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Today, political prisoner Liliany Obando will have been imprisoned for 31 months without being convicted of any crime. Several UK trade unionists and MPs have personally met Liliany in prison, and even more have joined the campaign to call for her freedom. Below is a message she sent to the UK trade union movement to celebrate International Women’s Day.

“On behalf of the women political prisoners of Colombia, we take the opportunity of international women’s day to send you a warm solidarity greeting to all the British women trade unionists. We thank you and all the sympathetic MPs, Thompsons’ solicitors, the TUC and every trade union for all your support and solidarity and for supporting the Justice for Colombia campaign to free political prisoners. We wish you success in your struggle in the UK to create better working conditions for women.

Your solidarity strengthens our morale, and lets us know that we are not forgotten and that we are not alone. Even though we are denied our freedom, we continue to struggle and resist from within these bars, and we won’t lose our dream of social justice. Today, we are hundreds of political prisoners - trade unionists, human rights activists, academics, students. When we are free we won’t stop our fight to defend worker’s rights, human rights and to create peace in Colombia. Thank you for your support and for not allowing our voices to be silenced. Happy International Women’s Day.”

Please click here to get involved in the campaign to free Colombia’s political prisoners.

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