MEPs Highlight Colombian State Involvement in Forced Disappearances

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 24 February 2011

MEPs concerned about the disappearance on February 17th of environmental activist Sandra Viviana Cuellar Gallego have written to President Santos calling for him to use all his authority to make sure she appears alive. They highlight the involvement of the state in many cases of forced disappearances, saying “members of the state security forces have been involved in the majority of cases...either carrying out the act themselves directly, or allowing people to be taken away by the paramilitaries”.

The letter also states that ‘we have observed that under your government serious human rights violations continue” and refer to their reluctance to ratify an EU-Colombia Free Trade Agreement whilst “those who peacefully and democratically question Government policies continue to be victims of crimes in such a systematic way”.

Those that signed the letter include MEPs from Spain, Portugal, Germany and France, including the Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

To read the letter click on the pdf file under 'Documents'

Sandra Cuellar

Sandra Cuellar

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