Colombian Army assassinates 63-year-old trade unionist

News from Colombia | on: Saturday, 29 December 2007

On December 28th trade unionist Sigifredo Higuera Ramirez was shot in the head by a soldier of the 'Manuel Murillo Toro' 1st Communications Battalion of the Colombian Army. A former worker at the NESTLE plant in Colombia, Mr Ramirez, had been an active member of the SINALTRAINAL trade union for 29 years.

The killing occurred in the town of Facatativa in Cundinamarca department, an hour from the Colombian capital Bogota. The soldier who carried out the assassination was under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Hernán Peralta Rodríguez.

Justice for Colombia has asked the Colombian authorities for an explanation and whether the soldiers responsible have been arrested though they have yet to respond.

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