Former President of the Colombian Senate Accused of Using Illegally Obtained Intelligence

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Supreme Court has opened a formal investigation into former president of the Senate, Uribe-supporting Nancy Patricia Gutierrez. She has been accused by a former DAS intelligence service agent of illegally receiving intelligence information which she then used in Congressional debates against former Senator Piedad Cordoba. Ms Gutierrez allegedly obtained the information from the DAS’s illegal spying operation on Senator Cordoba. The former DAS director of intelligence, Fernando Tabares, alleges that the DAS was ordered to give Ms Gutierrez the information by “The Palace of Narino” (the Colombian President’s residence).

Ms Gutierrez was elected to Congress in 2006, and has been implicated in the notorious ‘parapolitics’ scandal which has seen many members of Congress exposed for their links to paramilitary groups. The accusation against Ms Gutierrez is that “El Pajaro”, a paramilitary commander helped her to win her seat in 2006. She is yet to be prosecuted.

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