Opposition Politician Murdered by the Army

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Soldiers from the 'Caicedo' Battalion of the Colombian Army have assassinated Ricardo Juanias Hernandez of the Democratic Pole (PDA) opposition party. Demands by national PDA leaders for those responsible to be brought to justice have been ignored.

The December 4th assassination of Mr Juanias, who was shot 17 times before being taken to the morgue of the local 'Chaparral' military base, occurred in the town of Natagaima in Tolima department where he was a PDA candidate for the regional council.

According to witnesses soldiers of the Battalion detained Mr Juanias as he traveled to the town of Ataco. They subsequently murdered him.

PDA Senator Gloria Ramirez condemned the murder and pointed out that even though investigations in the region had shown that the Army was responsible for the assassination nothing had been done to bring those responsible to justice.

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