Shots Fired at Home of Human Rights Activist

News from Colombia | on: Saturday, 24 November 2007

After receiving death threats earlier in the year Dr Jahel Quiroga, director of the 'Reiniciar' human rights group, has had shots fired at her home by unknown attackers. Human rights groups in Colombia have alleged that the bullets found at the scene were military issue and have linked the attack to a previous incident in which police intelligence officers filmed Dr Quiroga at a public event.

The attack occurred on the morning of November 23rd and at least three shots were fired at her home. The bullet casings subsequently found in the street had been manufactured by INDUMIL a Colombian armaments company whose only customers are the Colombian armed forces.

This latest aggression follows on from a raid on the office of Reiniciar that Justice for Colombia reported on earlier this month ( during which documents and mobile telephones were stolen.

Due to the harassment against Reiniciar, in 2002 the Inter American Commission for Human Rights ordered the Colombian Government to protect the groups' members.

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