Violence Flares as 8 Bombs Shake Colombia

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 18 October 2010

At least six people have been killed and almost 50 wounded in a series of bomb explosions around Colombia and in heavy fighting in two regions between security forces and leftwing rebels.

The violence, which has been concentrated in the provinces of Arauca and Narino, began on October 12th when a bomb, which the authorities say was planted by ELN guerrillas, exploded in the town of Saravena, Arauca, wounding two police officers. The following day an explosion at the office of the mayor of the nearby town of Puerto Rondon caused extensive damage but no casualties.

Arauca was the scene of further violence on October 14th when soldier Alduver Valencia Perdomo of the 49th Counter-Guerrilla Battalion of the Colombian Army was killed and three of his colleagues wounded in an ambush by FARC rebels in the municipality of Arauquita.

Four bomb explosions in several regions of the country on Saturday increased the number of casualties with one soldier, Walter Andres Paja, killed in an explosion in the Argelia area of Cauca province, a policemen killed and two of his colleagues wounded in a bombing in the town of Saravena, Arauca, and seven people, including four soldiers, injured in a bomb attack in Puerto Jordan, also in Arauca province.

Saturday’s worst attack took place in the coastal town of Tumaco in Narino province where three people, including a police officer, were killed and another 12 wounded after explosives were thrown into a bar at around 9.30 in the evening. According to the Governor of Narino, paramilitaries are suspected of being behind the attack.

Yesterday saw two further bomb attacks with five people being injured in the town of Corinto in Cauca province, and two police officers being wounded in a separate attack, attributed to FARC guerrillas, on the principle highway in Narino.

Violence continued last night with combat reported between FARC rebels and the Colombian Army in mountains between the provinces of Cauca and Narino. According to initial information at least 15 soldiers have been wounded in a guerrilla ambush in the remote Cumbitara area.

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