Colombia Very Corrupt Says UK Government-Funded Study

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Only four out of 138 state entities in Colombia have a low level of corruption according to a detailed new study funded by the British Government and carried out by the Colombian affiliate of the international NGO Transparency International. Among those entities found to have "very high" corruption levels were the Colombian Congress whilst the Ministry of Interior and Justice was found to have a "high" level of corruption.

The study says that the majority of State entities "show poor compliance with ethical standards and in the development of codes of conduct and good government" and expresses deep concern over corruption in entities such as the Attorney General's office, the National Comptroller and the Ombudsman all institutions tasked with maintaining checks on government.

The study, which found that less than three percent of Colombian State entities could be considered to have a "low" level of corruption, can be read in full, in Spanish, here.

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