Police Officers Execute Indigenous Woman in Southern Colombia

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Members of the Colombian police have shot and killed an indigenous woman in Colombia's southern Cauca region just days after the Governor of the local indigenous reserve was himself gunned down. Nilvany Cruz Zambrano was shot dead by the police officers on the evening of May 23rd at a petrol station just outside of the town of Morales. Two other indigenous people who were with her, Wilmer Celimo Dizu and Jose Arley Dizu, were also both shot by the officers though both survived.

Ms Cruz Zambrano, who lived in the community of Valle Nuevo on the nearby Honduras indigenous reserve, was killed just five days after the murder of Robert de Jesus Guacheta, the Governor of the same reserve. According to initial reports from the region the police officers involved allegedly claimed that they had seen a group of guerrillas at the petrol station where the three civilians were shot. However, no explanation was provided as to why three civilians and no guerrillas were shot.

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