Over 62,000 Killed in Colombia Since 2005 Says European Union

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 6 April 2009

A new study of the Colombian judicial system by the European Union says that over 62,000 people have been murdered in Colombia since the beginning of 2005 and that in only 1,699 cases was anyone convicted of the crime. In what the EU describes as "massive impunity" the report says that in less than 3% of cases is the perpetrator convicted and that the situation has deteriorated as a result of recent changes to the Colombian legal system.

"Impunity before the current procedural system revolved around 95%. Now it is about 97%," says the report which also says that the perpetrators of certain other crimes benefit from even higher rates of impunity. In the example of 'illicit enrichment', a reference to the crime of corruption, the EU study says that they could only find one case between 2005 and the middle of 2008 in which the person responsible was convicted.

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