Colombian Political Prisoner Martin Sandoval Free At Last!

Justice For Colombia News | on: Thursday, 14 May 2009

Martin Sandoval, the president of the Permanent Committee for Human Rights in the Colombian region of Arauca, was yesterday released from prison after being unjustly detained for over six months. Less than a month ago members of a JFC delegation to Colombia visited Martin in prison and we have been campaigning for his release since November last year when he was detained along with 12 other civil society activists including several trade unionists. All have now been freed.

In a statement released after he was freed Martin thanked JFC for our campaigning work and said that he would likely still be in jail were it not for the international pressure that was applied on the Colombian regime in relation to his imprisonment. Sandoval also accused the Colombian authorities of jailing their political opponents to silence them and described the administration of President Alvaro Uribe as corrupt and repressive. He also thanked the Catholic Church and the Democratic Pole opposition party, of which he is a leading member in Arauca, for their work to win his freedom.

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