Colombian Embassy Launches PR Offensive, JFC Cited as Cause

Justice For Colombia News | on: Tuesday, 21 April 2009

In an effort to improve the country's image, the Colombian Embassy in London has launched a public relations initiative that will attempt to draw attention away from negative reports of widespread human rights abuses and cocaine trafficking. Colombian press reports say that the initiative was started as a direct result of Justice for Colombia "systematically denouncing human rights violations".

According to the reports Colombia's image has been 'eroded' and the Colombian Ambassador in London, Noemi Sanin, wants to use the initiative to highlight more positive economic and cultural aspects of Colombia.

"Perhaps if the Colombian authorities put the same energy into tackling human rights abuses and bringing those responsible to justice as they do into these PR campaigns then their image wouldn't be quite so bad," said Justice for Colombia Vice-Chair Dr Mary Bousted. "It is time that they realise that no amount of spin will be able to hide the fact that innocent people continue to be systematically assassinated, disappeared and displaced on a daily basis in their country," he added.

The PR initiative, entitled "In Celebration with Colombia", is due to run from late April to mid-June.

To see the Colombian press reports in which JFC is cited click here and here.

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