Victims Leader Assassinated in Colombia

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 16 April 2009

The leader of an organisation that helped victims of paramilitary violence in the Colombian region of Cordoba has been shot dead after receiving a number of anonymous death threats in recent weeks. Ana Isabel Gomez Perez, the leader of the Committee of Victims of Violence in Cordoba (COMFAVIC), was killed in a rural region of Cordoba by two men on motorcycles. Her daughter, who was with her at the time of her murder, escaped the April 15th attack unhurt.

The organisation that Ms Gomez Perez worked with represented more than 4,000 victims of human rights abuses in the region and worked to try and obtain compensation and justice for them. She was also well known for campaigning to ensure that land stolen by paramilitary groups be returned to its rightful owners.

She herself had been forced to flee her home in the nearby region of Choco after paramilitaries had threatened to kill her six years ago. Both the Permanent Assembly of Civil Society for Peace and the Women's Assembly for Peace have today released statements condemning her murder.

The killing comes just ten days after Hernan Polo Barrera, a trade union leader in Cordoba, was assassinated, see: Regional Trade Union President Shot Dead, Daughter Wounded

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