Community Leader Murdered by Colombian Soldiers

News from Colombia | on: Friday, 20 March 2009

Soldiers of the 1st Mobile Brigade of the Colombian Army have assassinated Luis Arbey Diaz Rubiano, the President of the Community Action Council in the village of El Tapir. The troops, under the command of a Lieutenant Londono, allegedly shot Mr Diaz Rubiano dead as he left the home of his son Rolando Martinez on March 14th. Rolando was subsequently detained by the soldiers for two days.

El Tapir is located in the La Macarena region of the central Colombian department of Meta which has been the scene of numerous extrajudicial executions carried out by the Colombian Army. Many of the victims are subsequently presented by the Army as 'guerrillas' killed in 'combat' in a macabre effort to show that they are winning the war against the FARC guerrilla group. The UN and others have strongly condemned the practice and tens of millions of dollars of US military aid have been frozen as a result.

For more on the situation in Meta see: Army-Paramilitary Terror Continues in Meta Department and 'I Can Give You the Names of Those Responsible' Interview with a Colombian Human Rights Activist

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