JFC Delivers 200 Computers to Colombian Trade Unions

Justice For Colombia News | on: Monday, 30 March 2009

Working with the charity Computer Aid International, and with financial support from trade union branches all over Britain, Justice for Colombia has arranged for two hundred computers to be shipped to Colombia for distribution around trade union offices. The project, which also received financial support from the British TUC, was proposed by the CUT trade union federation in Colombia last year during a visit by CUT President Tarsico Mora to the UK.

Upon arrival in Bogota, scheduled for sometime next week, the CUT will distribute the computers around trade unions at a national, regional and local level, greatly increasing their capacity to communicate with members, produce materials and keep membership records. Currently many Colombian trade unions either have no access to computers or depend on outdated and obsolete machines.

"The new computers will make a huge difference to the ability of trade unions to organize effectively and the CUT will be providing training in their use to those trade unions that require it," said Mr Mora. "Many of our membership records are currently held on paper and the new computers will allow us to manage the information far better than we can at the moment" said Aidee Moreno, head of human rights for the agricultural workers trade union FENSUAGRO.

Justice for Colombia arranged for Spanish-language software to be installed on all of the machines before they were shipped and raised nearly 10,000 in a fundraising appeal to help cover the costs of the machines and the shipping. After all expenses were taken into account, and thanks to the assistance of Computer Aid International, the cost of each computer came in at under 50 far cheaper than any other source.

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