Two trade unionists assassinated over the weekend

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A regional leader of the fruit workers' union and an activist in the teachers' trade union were both assassinated in different regions of Colombia over the weekend. These latest killings bring the number of murdered trade unionists that Justice for Colombia is aware of so far this year to over 30 it is likely that the actual total is substantially higher.

On Saturday 3rd November 2007 Jairo Giraldo Rey, the regional leader of fruit workers union SINALTRAIFRUT was assassinated in the town of Toro in Valle del Cauca department. Mr Giraldo was the President of the union in the region where he was killed.

The previous evening, at some time between 7 and 8pm on November 2nd, Leonidas Silva Castro was murdered in his home in the Barrio Prados del Norte neighbourhood in the town of Villacaro in Norte de Santander department. Mr Silva had arrived home after attending a trade union event in the town where he was an active member of ASINORT the regional affiliate of national teachers' trade union FECODE.

The Colombian trade union federation CUT has called for the assassins of both colleagues to be captured and brought to justice.

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