Colombian Regime Punishes Indigenous People for FARC Attack

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Colombian authorities have suspended a program to return stolen lands to indigenous communities following the killing of two soldiers by leftwing FARC guerrillas yesterday near an indigenous reserve in the department of Cauca. The authorities have accused local indigenous communities of involvement in the deaths and have suspended the land returns as punishment.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Andres Felipe Arias, "we are waiting to establish who is responsible. It's clear that FARC militias were insider the reservation and we are investigating if there was any collaboration by the communities there." The minister added that no more lands will be returned until an investigation has been completed.

The two soldiers, John Edward Sarria Marin y Fabian Enrique Ruiz Vitoria, died when a FARC unit attacked their patrol in a rural area of the municipality of Caloto.

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