Judicial Workers in Colombia Continue Strike Despite State of Emergency

News from Colombia | on: Sunday, 12 October 2008

The trade union representing Colombian judicial workers has declared that their 40-day strike for better wages and working conditions will continue despite the Colombian regime declaring a state of emergency. The union, ASONAL, says that the emergency which allows the Government to sack workers that do not return to work was declared in order to break the strike.

Some 40,000 workers in the sector, 90% of all employees, remain on strike despite threats on September 25th from the Interior and Justice Minister, Fabio Valencia, to take "disciplinary actions and officials and employees who do not return to work".

The Supreme Judicial Council today opened investigations into the strikers which is the first step to suspending them. The union says that they are willing to negotiate but that the strike will continue until the Government meets some of their demands.

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