UK Machine Guns in Colombia?

Justice For Colombia News | on: Saturday, 18 October 2008

Photographs taken at a recent arms fair held in the Colombian capital Bogota have been posted on the internet. One of the images included is of an M2 heavy machine gun that the caption describes as "of British origin". Which Colombian military units use the guns and whether they are involved in human rights violations is not known.

According to the official British submission to the UN register on Conventional Arms Transfers (UNROCA) the UK transferred 29 'Heavy Machine Guns' to Colombia in 2007 though it does not specify whether they were M2 models.

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade has called for the UK to end military sales to Colombia and points out that the British Government continues to regularly invite representatives of the Colombian regime to attend arms fairs in British despite what the Campaign describe as Colombia's "terrible human rights record".

Click here to see the photos taken at the Bogota arms fair and here for a close up of the M2 machine gun.

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