Washington Post: Colombian Army Chief Worked with Paramilitaries

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Washington Post has today reported on serious allegations that the commander of the Colombian Army, General Mario Montoya, worked with paramilitary death squads. Last year, the Los Angeles Times also disclosed that a leaked CIA report had accused the General of collaborating with the paramilitaries. Montoya became known in the UK after Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells posed for photos with him photos that ended up in the British press after concerns were raised about Montoya's background.

To read the Washington Post article click here: "Witness Ties Colombian General to Paramilitaries"

To see the photo of Kim Howells with General Montoya click here

To see a special Justice for Colombia report on General Montoya's background click here

To read last year's Los Angeles Times article on Montoya click here: "Colombia army chief linked to outlaw militias"

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