US Congressman Slams Union Rights Record in Colombia

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 15 September 2008

A scathing letter to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe from George Miller, a Democrat Congressman from California, says that killers of union activists enjoy near total impunity and points out that "even according to the statistics kept by the Government of Colombia, 2008 has already been a more violent year that all of 2007 in terms of labor-homicides." Congressman Miller's letter has received special attention as he is chairman of the Education and Labour Committee of the House of Representatives.

The 15-page letter cites figures showing that almost 2,700 trade union activists have been murdered in Colombia since 1986 and also complains about the veracity of statistics provided by the Colombia regime; "statistics seem to fluctuate dramatically and illogically from month to month".

Click here to read Congressman Miller's letter in full.

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