Union Vice-President Killed

News from Colombia | on: Sunday, 17 August 2008

A paramilitary group with suspected ties to the 27th Brigade of the Colombian Army have murdered union activist Manuel Erminson Gamboa Melendez in the city of Puerto Asis in Colombia's Putumayo region. Mr Gamboa Melendez, 32, was the vice president of the agricultural workers trade union FENSUAGRO in Putumayo and a member of the union's National Committee.

The killing, at around 8pm on August 13th, took place in the Acebedo neighbourhood of the city after a group of paramilitaries attacked Mr Gamboa Melendez and shot him seven times. For the previous two months he had been receiving death threats after he had refused an order from the paramilitaries to give up his union work and resign from the union.

He leaves his partner, Asuncion Duarte, and three children including a one-month-old baby.

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