Community Leader Killed

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 3 July 2008

A paramilitary death squad have abducted and then killed an Afro-Colombia community leader in the village of Candelilla de la Mar in the southern Colombian region of Narino. The June 24th murder of Felipe Landazury has been condemned by Amnesty International and others, who point out that Colombia's paramilitaries are still very active despite repeated Colombian government campaigns that they have demobilised.

Mr Landazury was the President-elect of the Community Council of Bajo Mira y Frontera, which represents Afro-Colombian inhabitants of the region. Recent years have seen an alarming increase in human rights violations against Afro-Colombian communities, predominantly carried out by paramilitary units with links to the Colombian Army.

The Amnesty International statement concerning this most recent murder can be seen at

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